Qualities you’ll need to succeed as a designer!

The profession of a fashion designer is filled with hard, yet rewarding work. They need to stay creative and updated with the trends in the fashion world. Before you decide fashion design is the ideal job for you, learn more about the fashion industry. Some say that fashion designers are the people who not only design clothes, but also design dreams. In order to become a successful designer you must study the subject with complete dedication.

The fashion designing syllabus fuels creative expression in all facets of fashion design, including, creative design, fashion sketching, computer applications, draping, and pattern drafting. The program is designed to teach and motivate students by merging artistic, technical, and theoretical fundamentals into a realistic approach to the fashion design industry. This makes the students understand the significance of communication and critical intellectual and the effect they have on this expanded global industry.


Several fashion designing institute are there to help students in becoming a successful fashion designer. One of the best and most famous one is AAFT- School of Fashion. To succeed as a designer, one must possess the following qualities:

Business Sense: A great fashion designer must have exceptional business skills. Understanding the budgets, marketing, and sales concepts are involved in a fashion design course to prepare the designers for the process of sale and purchase.

Communication skills: A number of people are involved in the conceptualization of a garment, and the designer must be able to successfully communicate and supervise everyone involved in order to get the expected results.

Sense of Competition: The fashion world is full of competitive designers; hence designers should continually strive to do better than their peers to come up with innovative designs.

Uniquely Creative: You have a great sense of style and are constantly coming up with new ideas for fashions.

Drawing Abilities: To sketch your ideas onto papers, to start the production process, designers need to have excellent drawing skills.

Understanding Materials: Designers must have an eye for the materials of several garments, as well as the elements that make it unique, such as colors and fabrics.

Fashion Trends: Understanding the styles and trends is very important to become successful in this field. Trends and choices of people keep changing with the season; hence staying updated is a must.


3 most famous jewelry designing courses that students must look up to

Those of you who find jewelry making an interesting science and wish to learn this art form can get themselves enrolled in various specializations in the field of jewelry making. Jewelry designing has evolved a lot over decades, the methods of designing have changed to a great extent and we see various unique designs available in the market in every two weeks. Sophisticated programming tools like (Computer Aided Design) CAD have become the favorite crafting tools of most jewelry designers to come up with interesting jewelry ideas and designs.

Let’s have a look at three most popular designing courses that art students must look forward to

The creative crafter diploma course

A diploma course is a good way to enter the jewelry designing industry with ease. The creative crafter courses are shorter than the professional degree course and require no previous experience in the field of jewelry making. Jewelry fashion designing courses in Delhi train students to specialize in jewelry craft. Students learn basic things like stone setting, polishing, fusing, and carving in this particular program. They also render, create and prototype programs on CAD.


The undergraduate program

An undergraduate program is a great way to widen your horizons in the field of jewelry making. A bachelor’s degree program will cover all the elements ranging from practical to theoretical regarding jewelry making. Besides the basic Metalsmithing, stone setting and practical jewelry crafting, in this undergraduate jewelry design course students also learn about quality jewelry designs that incorporate essential 2D and 3D computer software and design skills.

Masters program in Jewelry designing

This program prepares a student for research and teaching based roles. They learn how to create unique and beautiful items in jewelry. This degree structure allows students to work as a fine artist in the studio, a support network of art professionals and have access to all the research and development opportunities.

The Diverse Fields Of Fashion

Everything you use from clothes, to phones to your house was all just a mere design or plan at one point before it was given structure. It is literally everywhere, so you can imagine what a demanding and competitive line of work it is. It entails hours of hard work and innovation to keep up. Designing may be stressful but it is an exciting line to be in as you get to see your ideas come to life. Jewellery design and fashion design are 2 very interesting spheres under designing. Here are a few tips in choosing a suitable design school.

To become a successful jewellery designer you must be creative and innovative. Firstly, it is important for you to take some jewellery design courses; they will help you gain the confidence and the right knowledge about this line. Often after these courses, you get placed with top jewellery designers, which is always a great learning experience. You must get comfortable with different cuts, materials and styles. You should also have a good business head, as jewellery design isn’t just about choosing matching jewellery. These courses will also help you in working within a client’s budget, which is key to being a successful interior designer.


Similarly, fashion designing too is a tedious job, yet extremely fun. You cannot survive in this line if you don’t constantly have new designs or ideas, as it is very competitive. There are many great Fashion designing courses in Delhi that teach you tips to help in your journey in becoming a successful fashion designer. They allow you to practice your drawing and sketching, which is important as it’s the only way to express yourself in the fashion world, they sharpen your eye for detail, strengthen your knowledge about colour, fabrics, cuts etc. and keep you on track with current fashion trends.

AAFT School of Fashion and Design is one such institute that offers a wide range of courses for the above. They have great faculty that is highly qualified. In the end it depends on how hard you are willing to work for your dreams to come true, however, there is no harm in using a helping hand. It is always better to have a degree; it’s a kind of security. Hopefully these tips will give you a good insight about the world of design. So go and get your design on.

How to get into the fashion industry

Planning to make a career in fashion and design but don’t know where to start from. Well, here are some ways to get into this industry. For all those who wish to make their mark in the world of fashion must know that getting their foot in the industry can be a daunting experience in the beginning. The competition is really tough and only those who have exceptional skills and a positive attitude are able to make it big. That being said, one must also know that careers in fashion are very appealing and fascinating, with great scope for young and talented minds. From creative jobs like designing clothes and accessories to marketing and sales, there are a lot of opportunities that one can explore.

Fashion experts advice to join the industry after taking some formal education from a reputed college. Doing a course in fashion design from a top fashion institute help students polish their skills, learn all the minute details related to designing and know more about the work environment. Not only that, a course from a reputed college also adds to the CV and help students get the right job just at the beginning of their career. Another possible way of getting into the fashion world is by joining an internship program. It gives one an excellent opportunity to get the real world experience and know what it actually is to work in the industry. For many people, internships have served as an extended job interview and helped them get their first job.


Having online presence can also help you get your first job in the fashion industry. There are search engines and social media networks that have a list of job opportunities for fashion graduates. So, once you have done your internship or degree course from a fashion designing institute, do check these online platforms to know about the best job opportunities and apply whenever something interesting comes up.

Polish your fashion sense and skills

Fashion as we know, is a competitive industry out there. Every big fashion connoisseur has told numerous tales of them struggling in the initial days as an apprentice, and then finally breaking into fashion subsequently making it big!

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes, ‘Every artist was first an amateur’. It is true how everyone has to take the first step and do the work in honesty. Since fashion is a big world and some things don’t come off as innately as they should, a little brush up here and there is a necessity that would eventually open up more doors for you!

So read ahead what possibly can you do as your first step:-

•    Reading: Reading has this effective potency to build your knowledge. Agreed, practical kno,school of fashion technologywledge is inevitable, but reading about fashion oriented content can definitely help improve your grammar and taste in fashion. For starts, pick up fashion magazines such as the Vogue and Marie Claire and read articles on digital websites like the Business of fashion or The Guardian. This way you will be able up-to-date with whatever is happening in the fashion sector. Try grasping as much as you can, since reading about fashion reinforces your existing information.


•    Practical design skills: In fashion, design is an important component to follow. Designing and drawing go hand in hand and require sufficient practice. Many Fashion technology colleges lay emphasis on design over everything else. So know your skills well and keep practicing for the best!

•    Communication and network: In fashion, the game is mostly about how well you present yourself. Despite the fashionable clothes, people often observe how well networked you are and how efficiently can you communicate your opinions and thoughts. Set apart yourself and master these skills.

Taking the first step and building yourself is more than building up your resume. Sometimes, that is what is required. Apply to the best schools of fashion technology like AAFT- School of fashion and Design and break into fashion like a professional!

For the ultimate fashion career

Fashion sector is absolutely blooming at a lightning speed; especially after watching Rachel’s career from FRIENDS and SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw, we all have been eyes on making a career in fashion.

Often, fashion falls akin to a career only to be led by girls, but it is not entirely true. Men’s fashion is equally in demand – on ramp and off ramp both.

Fashion is all about knowing the aesthetics and the art to judge the distaste. Fashion is more often than not considered more about design and clothes. Well, it is definitely more than not. From jewellery to shoes; all is measured in equilibrium.

Despite the quintessential fashion designing courses in Delhi, there are other fashion related careers that you can pursue-

•    Fashion Journalist: Have an ardent love and flair for words? Can you crunch content out of anything and everything? Then you could put this into use while pursuing a career in fashion journalism. From reading about latest fashion trends to attending fashion weeks, a fashion journalist gets to write and publish it under their name for magazines, journals and blogs.

•    Fashion Stylist: Are your friends always taking your advices on what to wear and how to wear? Do you often find yourself in being very picky while buying clothes? Then fashion styling also known as costume styling could be your thing! Read about trends, try new clothes and accessories, mix and match according to your desires and voila, climb up the stairs to becoming a professional master at this. Initially, you will have to assist stylists and designers, but know that it will be all worth it.


•    Jewellery Design: Just like the fashionable clothes, you could also try making a career in jewellery design by learning the right aesthetics of gold and silver and how to mould them to gratify the current fashion trends. One must properly do a jewellery design course to get a fairer idea about this, fore mostly!

So go ahead and build a career in fashion which is off beat and still in demand!

How to kick start a career in fashion

If you have a liking for style, creativity and originality, then a career in fashion would just be right for you. Fashion industry is growing at a very fast pace, and if you have the talent in you, the industry will not only satisfy your creative fancies, but also promise you a successful career. But the question that strikes many students is how to start a career in fashion design. Well, taking some formal education is the best way to give a kick start to your career in fashion and design. Joining a reputed fashion school for a degree or diploma course will give the right start to your career.

When you join a reputed fashion technology college for a course in fashion and design, you get a chance to learn about sewing techniques, pattern making, stitching, merchandising, sketching, advertising etc. You also get to know about the ins and outs of business side of fashion and designing. Knowledge on all these topics will prepare you well for a long and successful career in fashion. After completing the degree course, you can also go for a specialization program at the master’s level.


There are a number of fashion design courses that you can opt for. It is important to carefully choose a course depending on the area you wish to work in. For example, if you want to focus on the business side of fashion, then a course in merchandising or apparel distribution would be perfect for you. It will help you learn about supply chain management, purchase order, production deadlines etc. Fashion institute of technology is one institute which is known for its excellent courses in fashion and design. If you wish to do a course in fashion designing, join the institute today and see how it helps you in your career.