Careers to pursue with a fashion degree

Fashion is a humongous industry with massive exposure if you know how to play the game right. Of glam people and glossy photo shoots; fashion industry welcomes all who has a good sense of distaste.

With a good degree in hand from a coveted fashion technology college, you can land in a good place. Of course the hustle and struggle still happens to everyone but it is only after the storm that you come out strong. If you are thinking about the many careers that branch out from this industry, then take a look and find out-


Fashion journalism: If writing and great story ideas come naturally to you and float well with the seniors, then you can make a mark in the fashion journalism biz. A fashion journalist gets to attend big fashion events, ramp shows, press meetings with big designers in the industry and write about them. You not only make good contacts but also get to experience things like no other in the fashion industry.

Fashion communication and public relations: Can’t think of a fashion brand that doesn’t require a communications manager or PRO. To maintain the reputation, to balance out the image of a particular brand in the market, to brand the content in the market well- are the job roles of a fashion communications officer and public relations officer. A lot of communication is required in this job. See this if it interests you!

Fashion, shoe and jewelry designer: While people think fashion design just includes clothes, it is wrong. It is definitely more. There are accessories, jewellery and shoes where deisgners intricately design vivid ideas for the target audience. One must have an eye for aesthetic sense and must be well abreast with design skills. You can acquire skills and get nuanced from international institutes of fashion design like AAFT School of fashion that surpasses all levels of holistic exposure and brilliant opportunities for an aspirant!


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