Different types of fashion degrees

The world of fashion has always been synonymous with designing of clothes and accessories. However, this understanding of the world of fashion is exceedingly diminutive in nature as there are various other branches in a fashion degree that can be pursued in order to have a successful career in the fashion industry. Listed below are the various fields that a course in fashion entails.


1) Fashion Design
As mentioned above the first and foremost branch of fashion that any individual can opt for in the field of design. This branch of fashion entails extensive training and course work in pattern drafting, trend analysis, clothing construction etc. After completion of this course from a school of fashion technology of your choice, an individual has the option of starting his own line or join some brand or designer.

2) Fashion marketing and Merchandising
Another branch of fashion that is of great importance in the world of fashion is fashion merchandising and marketing. This course equips the student in the skills for a career as a fashion merchandiser, account buyer and a fashion buyer. This particular program ensures that the students are well versed in business law, marketing, media and promotion and communications.

3) Photography
It might seem like a relatively less important branch of fashion in comparison to the above mentioned ones, but skilled photographers from a fashion institute of technology play an integral role in the fashion industry. Being responsible for documenting the latest trends in fashion for various magazines, newspapers, websites etc, fashion photographer are the direct link between the fashion industry and the rest of the world.  Apart from being a designer, being skilled with fashion photography is an added skill for the aspiring designers.

In order to kick start your career in the world of fashion take a look at the various institutes and colleges that offer great courses in all the above mentioned braches of fashion. One of the best institutes that you can consider getting yourself enrolled in is the AAFT School of Fashion and Design to get started on your journey towards success.


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