Become a fashion designer for a living

In the past decade, India has developed tremendously in terms of style sense and fashion careers. With careers like stylists, fashion writers and fashion communications in the fray; fashion design still stands at the top! There are many global leading designers whose roots are Indian and it is only impressive to discover that.


As one grows up, many of them are stuck in the web of ambiguity regarding career. If you think you are keen on working in fashion design field, and are wondering about ‘how to become a fashion designer’, then read on to find out what does it entail and what the whole popularity is about! Let us take a look now-

•    What do fashion designers do: A fashion designer essentially design and produce original clothes, accessories and even footwear! They draw, source for fabrics and patterns and their own novelty designs to the world. One has to have an aesthetic or build on it to be able to sustain in the field. Moreover, keeping an eye on the trending things in the markets and ramp shows is one of the core jobs of the fashion designers.

•    How does one get through: It is ideal to apply to a renowned school of fashion technology like AAFT- School of fashion to learn the dynamics of this field and design great garments then!

•    Salary: Salary is quite impressive and highly depends on your quality of work. If your designs are eccentric and probably eclectic too, then your salary will be good too! Initially, everyone starts out at less but it sure gets better with time.

•    The work hours: Be prepared to work at erratic hours as it quite a demanding and challenging job. If you are up for it, then you are good to go!


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