3 most famous jewelry designing courses that students must look up to

Those of you who find jewelry making an interesting science and wish to learn this art form can get themselves enrolled in various specializations in the field of jewelry making. Jewelry designing has evolved a lot over decades, the methods of designing have changed to a great extent and we see various unique designs available in the market in every two weeks. Sophisticated programming tools like (Computer Aided Design) CAD have become the favorite crafting tools of most jewelry designers to come up with interesting jewelry ideas and designs.

Let’s have a look at three most popular designing courses that art students must look forward to

The creative crafter diploma course

A diploma course is a good way to enter the jewelry designing industry with ease. The creative crafter courses are shorter than the professional degree course and require no previous experience in the field of jewelry making. Jewelry fashion designing courses in Delhi train students to specialize in jewelry craft. Students learn basic things like stone setting, polishing, fusing, and carving in this particular program. They also render, create and prototype programs on CAD.


The undergraduate program

An undergraduate program is a great way to widen your horizons in the field of jewelry making. A bachelor’s degree program will cover all the elements ranging from practical to theoretical regarding jewelry making. Besides the basic Metalsmithing, stone setting and practical jewelry crafting, in this undergraduate jewelry design course students also learn about quality jewelry designs that incorporate essential 2D and 3D computer software and design skills.

Masters program in Jewelry designing

This program prepares a student for research and teaching based roles. They learn how to create unique and beautiful items in jewelry. This degree structure allows students to work as a fine artist in the studio, a support network of art professionals and have access to all the research and development opportunities.


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