Polish your fashion sense and skills

Fashion as we know, is a competitive industry out there. Every big fashion connoisseur has told numerous tales of them struggling in the initial days as an apprentice, and then finally breaking into fashion subsequently making it big!

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes, ‘Every artist was first an amateur’. It is true how everyone has to take the first step and do the work in honesty. Since fashion is a big world and some things don’t come off as innately as they should, a little brush up here and there is a necessity that would eventually open up more doors for you!

So read ahead what possibly can you do as your first step:-

•    Reading: Reading has this effective potency to build your knowledge. Agreed, practical kno,school of fashion technologywledge is inevitable, but reading about fashion oriented content can definitely help improve your grammar and taste in fashion. For starts, pick up fashion magazines such as the Vogue and Marie Claire and read articles on digital websites like the Business of fashion or The Guardian. This way you will be able up-to-date with whatever is happening in the fashion sector. Try grasping as much as you can, since reading about fashion reinforces your existing information.


•    Practical design skills: In fashion, design is an important component to follow. Designing and drawing go hand in hand and require sufficient practice. Many Fashion technology colleges lay emphasis on design over everything else. So know your skills well and keep practicing for the best!

•    Communication and network: In fashion, the game is mostly about how well you present yourself. Despite the fashionable clothes, people often observe how well networked you are and how efficiently can you communicate your opinions and thoughts. Set apart yourself and master these skills.

Taking the first step and building yourself is more than building up your resume. Sometimes, that is what is required. Apply to the best schools of fashion technology like AAFT- School of fashion and Design and break into fashion like a professional!


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