For the ultimate fashion career

Fashion sector is absolutely blooming at a lightning speed; especially after watching Rachel’s career from FRIENDS and SATC’s Carrie Bradshaw, we all have been eyes on making a career in fashion.

Often, fashion falls akin to a career only to be led by girls, but it is not entirely true. Men’s fashion is equally in demand – on ramp and off ramp both.

Fashion is all about knowing the aesthetics and the art to judge the distaste. Fashion is more often than not considered more about design and clothes. Well, it is definitely more than not. From jewellery to shoes; all is measured in equilibrium.

Despite the quintessential fashion designing courses in Delhi, there are other fashion related careers that you can pursue-

•    Fashion Journalist: Have an ardent love and flair for words? Can you crunch content out of anything and everything? Then you could put this into use while pursuing a career in fashion journalism. From reading about latest fashion trends to attending fashion weeks, a fashion journalist gets to write and publish it under their name for magazines, journals and blogs.

•    Fashion Stylist: Are your friends always taking your advices on what to wear and how to wear? Do you often find yourself in being very picky while buying clothes? Then fashion styling also known as costume styling could be your thing! Read about trends, try new clothes and accessories, mix and match according to your desires and voila, climb up the stairs to becoming a professional master at this. Initially, you will have to assist stylists and designers, but know that it will be all worth it.


•    Jewellery Design: Just like the fashionable clothes, you could also try making a career in jewellery design by learning the right aesthetics of gold and silver and how to mould them to gratify the current fashion trends. One must properly do a jewellery design course to get a fairer idea about this, fore mostly!

So go ahead and build a career in fashion which is off beat and still in demand!


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