Make a career that you want!

There are times when we just feel lost in the web of ambiguity, especially when it is career related. Right after graduation, we are not too sure of what to pick up as a career. Of course, things take time to shape up but you know the dots will join eventually if you align your passion and hard work altogether.

Think about that one thing in the world that doesn’t make you tired that does not make you feel icky and downtrodden. For me, fashion has been a fashion. Not particularly the clothes and shoes’ fashion, since everyone relates fashion to only those categories.

Since childhood, I was keen on knowing where the diamonds came from, how are the rubies studded in these big ornaments, the cuts and designs etc. All of this led me to pursue a career that matched with my taste- Jewellery design. There were many jewellery designing courses in Delhi, but I opted for AAFT School of Fashion and Design to be closer to my dream. Upon researching well, I thought that this place had the ability to holistically mould us well, and it did. Moreover, the kind of exposure that one receives and the support from the faculty is consistent. While I was there, I felt more equipped and confident after gaining the right skills.

At the same time, when my brother finished his graduation, he was looking forward to pursue brand management courses. He was well-read and well-spoken and felt that this is where he should head to and he did. He had this natural curiosity to uncover and learn about brands and their management which helped him reinstating his experience to a greater level.

It is all about self-introspection and evaluation. To know what you are good at does not really take a lot of time but to sustain that and subsist on it is what is required in the life. Don’t fret too much and discover life.


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