All you need to know about jewellery designing

Jewellery is a mark of status and style. It defines us without our having to spell it out in as many words. Not just that, we all bond with people who have a similar taste and interests. Besides, it’s a great source of investment.

What is it in jewellery that holds such a grip over all of us, irrespective of gender type, you may ask? Well a beautiful piece of jewellery is a sight to behold. From pieces from ancient India to the contemporary designs of today, the luxe charm is hard to turn a blind eye to.

But have you wondered who these people were with an eye for such transcendental appeal that even today a single glance can win us over? What went in to the making of exquisite jewellery then? How did it evolve over the years?

It is often said a good craftsmen is more than just a good creator, he creates things of beauty for the patron in order to delight each one, the wearer and the viewer. So, how can one hone a talent and learn the requisites to gain mastery in the art?

To begin with, if you think you have it in you, you must look for jewellery designing courses. In Delhi, there are a number of reputed colleges like AAFT School of Fashion that can deliver a good ROI in terms of both financial and emotional investment.

jewelry designing

To kick-start a career on the right foot, it is important to look for a college that caters to your needs the best. Moreover, there is nothing better than a faculty that can help guide you in your career plan.

Another noteworthy aspect to designing is Brand Management courses that can be opted if you want to go a step further in shaping your career in a more professional manner.


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