Career in Interior Designing- Here is what you need to know

While interior designing is growing at a rapid pace, it is important to find what it really is before making a life altering career choice. The investment in terms of effort and finances is huge and should be worth every penny.

The first important question to be asked begins with you. Are you cut out for the field? Well, to find that, see if you like decorating your own house or bedroom. Do people compliment you for your sense of house decoration? Does placement of furniture bother you? If yes, a career in the field may be a fruitful choice.

It is a creative stream with dynamism imbued in its DNA. New challenges would crop up every day and you will be pushed out of your comfort zone at each instance. That is precisely the thrill and excitement it holds for it pursuers.

Interior decoration courses can open doors that you never thought even existed. But, before you take the leap, keep these points in mind.


Decorators or designers? – While anybody can be a decorator, a person professionally qualified for the job is an actual designer. Educational background makes all the difference.

Knack for design- It is a really important factor in the whole scheme. Creativity and a sense of colour scheming offer other benefits that can boost your career. Spatial arrangements and architecture also a goes a long way.

All fun or all work? – While playing with fabrics, furniture and colour form the fun part of the job, there are parts that are not as fun.  Ergonomics, psychology, computer aided drawing, ethics, building codes all form a part of the latter stated not so fun area.

If you think you are a good fit, you may want to go for professional training. There are a number of institutes like AAFT School of Fashion that offer interior design courses in Delhi.


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