Top School of Fashion Technology & Fashion Design

Not everybody interested in fashion can become a leading fashion designer! However, the fashion sector continues to evolve and expand thereby incorporating more and more people in the process. Now there are people who may not wish to take up fashion designing yet are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Having sufficient knowledge, they love experimenting with different colours, fabrics, designs, and patterns. Even when they have a unique dressing sense, they pull it off with class every single time.

Now such people may not be interested in pursuing a Fashion Design Course, but being seriously inclined towards fashion, they can still find many jobs in the fashion industry. So if you think you are one of these, keep reading to know about the different roles that are becoming more and more common nowadays:

School of Fashion Technology

1.    Fashion Merchandiser

The job is for those who possess a skill set that’s a perfect mix of design and business. Regardless of how good a design is, there is no point to it if it cannot be sold. Merchandisers need to be aware of the prevailing fashion and consumer trends. In addition to having knowledge of textiles and fabrics, they also need basic accounting skills. Nowadays you can easily locate a good School of Fashion Technology providing courses in fashion merchandising.

2.    Fashion stylist

This is one of the fastest growing profiles in the fashion circuit. If you love dressing other people up, and are great at it, fashion styling is something you can consider. As the name suggests, a fashion stylist selects apparel and accessories for published editorial features, advertising campaigns, or any public appearance or performance by the celebrities. A chance to suggest what a celebrity should wear on this interview or that concert however, doesn’t come that easily. You have to be best at the job to get good opportunities, and while you may find some schools offering such courses, you will have to assist an established stylist in order to gain some real exposure.

3.    Fashion Journalist

Again, to become a fashion journalist, you need to have knowledge of fashion and fashion trends as well as the ability to write creatively. From fashion magazines to fashion blogging, there are opportunities galore. Do think about it!

There are schools like AAFT School of Fashion and Design that offer many degree and diploma courses in fashion apart from fashion designing. Do browse through the different courses offered by different schools to have a better idea of the many options there are nowadays. All the best!


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