Top Institutes & School of Fashion Technology

Frankly speaking, a career in fashion industry is obviously not a conventional one. So, before you get the real taste of the industry, you should ideally start with an internship. To be a whiz in this field you have to learn from your internship; that’s why internship is called apprenticeship.

As a budding fashion designer, after getting a degree from a well-known School of Fashion Technology you need to follow a few basic steps to land into the creative world and work under the right guidance.

•    Start finding the right company for internship right from your college days. And then apply to the companies you think would be the best for your learning curve. In the beginning, your focus should be to learn as much as you can.


•    Look for a good mentor first. Just like every field, fashion industry is built on many individual talents. Joining a big fashion house would not be as fruitful as you think if you don’t get a right mentor. Find out renowned people and try to get an internship under them. It generally helps you to brush up your talents and strengthen your feet in this industry.

•    Don’t limit your options. You might have specialized in a particular sector but that doesn’t mean you have to stick in that area only; you can always explore your options. You might have to face rejections several times. Don’t get discouraged by that, use that as an opportunity, spot your flaws and work on them.

Last but not the least, deliver well! If you complete your education from AAFT School of Fashion and Design, a renowned Fashion Institute in Delhi NCR, and then land an internship at a company with many growth opportunities, your career has already taken a giant soar. Make sure you utilize the opportunities well!



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