4 Valuable Tips For Designing Jewellery & Fashion Institute

A fine piece of jewelry is no less than a work of art! While designing jewelry, a designer takes care of everything from the color patterns and shapes to frames and margins. The precision and accuracy required while making jewelry makes a jewelry designer an artist of its own kind! Further, the industrial aspects of jewelry designing are no less that of fashion designing. It holds a direct relation with the fact that accessories are as important as clothes and therefore the industry would keep growing!

Because jewellery designing is an artistic field to work in, there are no set of rules defined for going about it- only tips and ideas! Here’s a list of tips you may consider if you wish to make a career in this field.

•    Color: Choose color combinations while designing a jewelry! When it comes to colors, there’s a lot to experiment. You can use colors of same shade to create harmony, and you can also use different colors to create contrasts! Now you have to be careful about where harmony works and where contrasts work!

•    Using beads: The Jewellery Designing Courses in Delhi give us hands-on approach to the usage of all kinds of materials such as crystals, pearls and gemstones, but you must know when to use which stone. Use the materials creatively so that the materials do not end up looking chaotic. You can design single-stoned jewelry for a risk-free and decent finish.

•    Learn: Jewelry designing is a lot about motivation and inspiration. Keep your eyes and minds open to the work of other designers and keep learning!

•    Review: And lastly, take reviews from few people before you finalize your design for the market. Sometimes, a small review helps a lot in improving your design!

Go for a formal jewelry designing course from the leading institutes like Fashion Institute of Technology and follow the above mentioned tips to make a successful career!


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