Extra-Ordinary Fashion Institutes & Best Fashion Schools

Fashion is less about what you wear and more about how you wear it! We have come across cases when an outfit worth thousands of money couldn’t leave a mark- and we’ve also enjoyed occasions when simplest of drapes fetched us several compliments!

So what do they teach in a Fashion Institute? Do they train the students to don the most expensive designer pieces and to become symbols of luxury? The fact is that the courses like fashion designing and textile designing highlight the internal aspects of fashion over its outward facet.

So if you thought that the Best Fashion Schools indulge into the promotion of affluent attire and lavish ornaments, check out this list of activities that happened during my days at fashion institute.

fashion design courses

•    Best of waste: One of the most popular activities that happen in a fashion school is “best of waste”- in which you’re asked to make wearable items out of discarded clothes! This is where I learnt to develop trendy shorts out of worn-out denims!

•    Try the dye: Dyeing old shirts and stoles with vibrant colors to give them a whole new look is what we learnt in this activity! Students carried discarded pieces of clothes from their homes and dyed them to make a new piece. The “before-after” slideshow used to be played in the end.

•    New day new way: Here we learnt that there are numerous ways of carrying a single piece. We learnt how a simple stole can be tied around in different ways and how a beaded accessory can be used as headgear, neckpiece and bangles- on different occasions!

•    Malfunction master: Because malfunctioning may happen anytime on a ramp, the malfunction master activity taught us about the instant fixtures that can be used to avoid such situations!

Indeed there’s more to fashion than just glamour!


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