Careers Opportunities in Fashion Designing Courses

Fashion has different meaning to different people. To some it is comfort, to some it is style, and to most, it is both! Fashion is, distinct and every individual defined their own sense of fashion, by the way they carry themselves and their choice of outfits. My cousin, who has a keen sense in fashion designing, has just graduated from one of the renowned fashion designing courses in the city.

Careers Opportunities in Fashion Designing Courses

According to her, it does not always take someone to have a career in fashion to become fashionably sensible and smart. She says, knowing your body type and choice does half the magic. Apart from that she says, a woman must have a few basic outfits in their wardrobe that should go with just about everything and in almost every occasion.  For example, she says a girl must own a little black dress or LBD as we popularly call it. An LBD would never fail you when you are in confusion regarding what should you wear. She states clearly, when in doubt, go for LBD! Be it an evening party or a formal function, a knee-length black dress always works wonders.

Another outfit she says is a must is a pair of denims and a white shirt. A white casual t-shirt goes about just right if coupled with denims. They are the perfect kind of outfit to be worn for casual outings and it is brilliant if you can pull it off at your work place- on a Friday, probably!

A black trouser is something you must make place for in your wardrobe. A black trouser forms the basis of your formal look and it matches with almost all the colors. You are free to choose any color to go with your well fitted black trousers!


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