Reasonable Fashion Designing Courses & Institutes

I have always loved sketching the pictures of models wearing fashionable clothes and accessories, on the last pages of my notebooks. I used to imagine a piece of cloth in my head, based on what I saw in magazines and on television, and dress my sketched models in it.

Several other friends of mine who shared the same hobbies as mine, went on to take up Fashion Designing Courses and have become proficient in this field too. For me, on the other hand, designing never became a profession! But it has always been a passion and would remain one too-forever!

Reasonable Fashion Designing Courses & Institutes

They say fashion comes and goes, but I think there are certain pieces of fashion, which have not changed with time. They have remained popular since a long time and would continue to do so. Here’s a list of some of the items, dresses and accessories, which I believe would always be worn by women, and time would have no effect on them.

•    LBD: Right from the movies of 60s to what we see today in page3 column of newspapers, a little black dress would continue to draw attention. It’s more like a savior when you can’t think of anything to wear in a party!

•    Blue denims: Now as I write this, I wear a pair of blue jeans and I’m sure you must be owning a pair too, in your closet. Be it in lightest sky blue or the darkest navy, blue denims would always be hit.

•    Blood red lipstick: “Just put the red lipstick on and you’re good to go”- I read that somewhere! A red lipstick indeed has the power to pull you out from dullness and brighten your life in a moment.

•    Golden earrings: Because they go with everything from that black dress to those blue denims, a pair of golden earrings is a must-have! Even a fashion designing institute would agree to that.


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