Shoe Guide for Women

Shoes, can we ever really have enough of them? I think not! Age no bar, gender no bar, shoes are a favourite amongst all! For me, just walking past a shoe-store gives me goose bumps –just the sight of those beauties brings me pretty close to salivation, I kid you not!

Now… If you’re as much in love with shoes as I am, and say you had the opportunity to design gorgeous footwear, wouldn’t you just love that? Opportunity awaits at the footwear design & development institute!

footwear design
But, before we delve into a future in shoe-making, why don’t we take a little look at the different kinds of women’s shoes available out there? Or better still, let’s check out some of the must-haves for every woman’s closet!

1.    Ballet Flats: Whether you go to a fashion university or not, everyone knows that a pair of ballet flats are absolutely necessary. They go with just about every kind of outfit, they’re extremely comfortable, and they look great –versatility at its best.

2.    Boots: Tall, short, ankle-length, knee-length, thigh-high, or what have you –you’ve got to have at least a pair to rock during the winters.

3.    Ankle-strap Sandals: Now, these are a total classic. Makes your legs appear longer, and they’re absolutely chic.

4.    Pumps: Now, in my opinion, every woman should have a black, red, and nude pair (or not necessarily restricted to pumps, just any kind of heels in these three colours are a must.

5.    Kitten Heels: These relatively short heels are the heights of comfort when it comes to heels –so make sure you’ve got a pair for long days at work and what not!

6.    Wedges: Comfort and ample heel sizes all rolled into one. Wedges are perfect for a summer or spring look.

Well, these are just a few footwear essentials for women, but you’re welcome to add your choices! Or better still, you can go to the footwear design & development institute and make some of your own!


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