Crazy About Footwear

Do you remember the first friend you made in school? I was admitted to another school at the beginning of my third grade and, shy and timid as I was, I found it challenging to make friends. But fortunately, a girl with two thick braids came up to me and asked me if I would be friends with her. That was probably my first moment of perfect bliss and we instantly became friends. I still remember being enthralled on seeing her drawing book in the first art class together. She was meant to be a fashion designer, and I was sure she would choose to go to a fashion university upon graduation from high school. But I kept these thoughts to myself.


As we became better friends, I started observing her various idiosyncrasies. Being extremely choosy about her footwear was one such mannerism. According to her mom, she was as fussy about her footwear even in her childhood. She would start crying uncontrollably if forced to wear something she didn’t like. One day over a sleepover at her place, she told me about her dreams of becoming a successful footwear designer. She told me how she could not bear to wear the commonplace footwear that others did and hence was always on the lookout for something unique yet marvellous. She wanted to pursue her higher education from a famous footwear design and development institute and was not interested in fashion designing.

It has been 10 years since we had that conversation and she is now on the path of fulfilling her dream of becoming a footwear designer. She recently got an acceptance letter from the most sought-after institute and would soon commence her studies. I am trying to spend as much time I can with her before she gets too busy. I really hope the universe showers her with all the good fortune she so truly deserves.


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