I Only Buy Branded Clothes

Oh wait! Do not judge me on the basis of the title as I definitely am not one of those who only shop from the well-known and expensive stores. Rather I am someone who mixes and matches to suit her needs. However, I too have my preferences and I truly dislike deviating from those. But I have friends who refuse to even tag along on my street shopping sprees. They find the streets filthy, and the people uncivil. But what influences the decisions of buyers to go for a certain brand? The branding and advertising decisions of course!

sales & brand


Such decisions play a huge role in influencing the way a product is perceived in the minds of the consumers. Branding and advertising are also aimed at winning the trust of the consumers, thereby building loyalty. Let’s consider this real life example of smartphones. Two of my friends are extremely loyal to their respective smartphone manufacturers. They have often had verbal wars over whose phone is better. Both the phones have similar high-end specifications in terms of camera, display, RAM etc. and both of them fall under the same price range as well. The way the products were branded and advertised formed the primary basis on which they decided to purchase the phones. A company that lives up to the expectations of the consumers is always held in high regard. And because both my friends were satisfied with their respective smartphones, they would always base their future decisions regarding purchase of phones on the performance level of the current models.

But who is responsible for creating a positive image through branding that gets the consumers interested in the first place? I say the brand managers who have gained a deep understanding of this crucial subject that can majorly impact the earnings of the company, through one of the premium brand management courses. So if you want to be the one who plays the significant role of brand management, enrol yourself in the best brand management course you find in your city. Hurry up!


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