Top Brand Management & Textile Design Course

With the advent of numerous Brand Management Courses, our world seems to have become one huge fashion university! There are those fashionista professors, who are the abode of what’s trending, and the budding students, blandly copying them, learning from them and trying new styles. But, do you actually know what the different types of styles are? Or are you the ones who end up caked, fitted in a cocktails dress when they say it’s a Goth themed party! If yes, here have a read through this blog of different types of unconventional styles, to save you that embarrassment:


Gothic fashion is a clothing style influenced by the Goth subculture. This is to do with dark and melancholic style of dressing. It generally includes a lot of black; black lips, black hair as well as black clothes, dark fingernails and dark eyeliner.


The Bohemian style focuses on certain exotic patterns and textures like the Aztec prints. The carefree Bohemians are inspired by the gypsy look characterised by obscure patterns, peasant blouses, multiple chains, head scarves, and also hippy ponchos and tie dye jeans. Bohemian is well known for features that are considered fresh in appearance. With the popularity of the Textile Design Courses you can make yourself a bohemian outfit all by yourself!


The Punk style started right after the World War II but it became popular in the late 1970’s.The main aim of punks out there is to be anti-materialistic and edgy. A Glam punk has bright colours, leather, lyra huge block heels and animal prints while pop punk may have skinny jeans, band tees, skater styles, bizarre hairstyles and wrist bands.

Depending on the genre of rock they follow, the rock star style of dressing are majorly characterised by ripped jeans with studded belts, vintage tees and a chained leather jacket! They aim for shorter clothes which look completely worn out and are cheap.
Now, just think where you fit! Have you found it already?


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