Brand Value –the Cornerstone of Fashion

We’ve all seen the big names of fashion. And for all the fashion-conscious people across the globe, it’s all about the ‘brand’. So, how does a brand name come to be such a big asset? What’s the story behind ‘brand value’?

In the world of fashion, the be all and end all of any venture is the brand value that’s projected to the masses. So for any clothing, footwear or accessory label, or what have you, branding and advertising is of utmost importance.

Brand and Advertising

For all the Delhi-ites, ‘Sarojini Nagar’ is the go-to place for affordable shopping. But what do you find there? Export surplus or items with obscurely minute ‘defects’…from all the big brands (and of course, all the fakes of big brands as well). So how does a Zara dress or a Marks and Spencer top take such a low dip in price when it hits the streets at Sarojini? Let me tell you –it’s just because it loses the authentic value of the ‘brand’, because it isn’t purchased from an air-conditioned store with the label intact and the price tag attached. So you see the power of branding and advertising?

The ‘brand value’ allows a label to demand a higher price for the authenticity. Branding has become integral to the promotion of any label; it justifies the added value of the premium pricing of a product. What branding brings to the table is the offering of trust to the customers. Branding has become so important today, that every fashion university would have a course dedicated solely to it, or they might have a specific paper in relation to the same.

An integral part of advertising in the fashion industry, the phenomenon of branding is an exciting and promising field. So if you’ve sparked any interest in the subject, you could always go to a fashion university, get a degree in branding, and join the ranks!


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