Interior Designing: Not Just a Treat for the Eyes

Everyone’s homes are differently styled –some may be traditional, some messy and unkempt, yet others may be outright flashy or overcrowded with a mismatch of furniture, ornaments and decorative items making you feel like you’ve just walked into a museum. Then there are some houses, the moment you step past the doorway, which take your breath away.

Some spaces, be it a bedroom, living room or even the kitchen, are so beautifully designed that one is left wishing for a different home –preferably this gorgeously designed one. As we all know it, the careful process of manicuring a room or a house to perfection is the art of interior designing.

Interior Designing

There are some individuals who without taking any kind of interior design courses just have an amateur knack for these things. An inherent understanding of colour schemes and beautification, style and suave is often all you need to create a sufficiently attractive space. But, the art of interior designing is far more complex than that. It’s a multi-faceted process that encompasses more than meets the eye (not that we mind a pleasing visual, but there are other key aspects involved than merely that). Creativity and an eye for the better things in life will only get you so far –though it could imply that half the battle is won, interior designing involves much more.

Let’s take the fashion institute of technology, New York, as an example. The interior design courses offered by them are based around the fact that creativity alone cannot make one a successful interior designer. Interior designing is more than just arranging furniture, claims the fashion institute of technology. The aim is to create a complete environment that takes into account other factors like health, safety, lighting and sustainability which are just as important as the visual appeal of a space.


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