Vintage Fabrics And Its Charm Cannot Be Substituted Ever

On one hand where majority of women prefer peering into the fashion world, to be at the fashion forefront, there still are many others who cannot get over their fascination for vintage fabrics on the other hand. There’s certainly nothing wrong in it, everyone has equal privileges to buy what they feel like. It’s definitely not the make-do situation, wherein one has to compromise with anything while buying the fabrics. Our hearts do ache for buying (investing indeed) in vintage fabrics. Despite knowing the fact these are the finest in fabric monarch, many of us fail to bag off the ‘real’ vintage fabrics. Well knitted and sequenced in a distinct pattern of its own, it’s delicate and soft as a flower. Being a crazy vintage fabric buyer, I simply curse the fact that this era is simply not for me. No matter where I have been to, must confess that no trip is complete for me if I fail to bag off some good-time vintage fabric.

Back then, when our mothers and grandma would touch and feel the heavenly hug of the phenomenal fabric, these days, schools of repute are providing textile design courses, which is hitting preference of many students, both nationwide and on a macro scale.

learn textile designing

So those who have got that creative streak, have recently passed out schools, colleges and are feeling butterflies in tummy against where to begin with or whom should you talk to, fret not. Shining careers in fashion and exciting textile design courses awaits you out there.

After all, it’s a no stone carved rule that you’ve to care or fit-in the general crowd, blindly following trends. It’s all up to you and would say; definitely say carve your very own niche, which surely be there if you manage to accredit self by an institute of repute. There are certain set of rules and commandments that every vintage fabric lover ought to know.

I have a lot to say, however would continue discussing some of the imperative commandments that ought to be considered while investing in vintage fabric in the following post. But till then, stay tuned to this space.


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