Career Choices in Fashion Industry

The job opportunities in fashion designing usually begin with being a trainee in designing once the fashion design course is completed. It is also true that there are some basic skills and essentials that assist you to climb up the career graph in the fashion industry and especially when you are an aspiring fashion designer. But the choice and career options that come in handy with a fashion degree also vouch for a flourishing career in the industry.

To all the young enthusiasts who are still in oblivion relating to the careers in fashion they can explore, here are a few careers they can consider as per their skill set:

  • Fashion Designers

career choices in fashion

The fashion designers in the industry play a major role regarding setting new trends and showcase their designs in particular. Developing new styles and apparels is their principal role, though a part of their work also revolves around adapting to the global fashion in such a way that it suits the local demands. A lot of market research and understanding for the client goes into the making of a successful designer.

  • Fashion Coordinators

The job of a fashion coordinator deals with marketing the fashion clothing for the retail stores, manufacturing houses and textile firms. They also play a vital role in recommending and advising on a particular fashion and organizing a fashion show along with assisting in the marketing activities. A fashion coordinator also deals with understanding various fashion trends that exist globally which may/may not require a lot of travel.

  • Fashion Stylist

Having done a fashion design course, starting a career in styling is surely a lucrative one. Being a fashion stylist is certainly a fun and yet a job that might just be too testing. The fashion stylist is usually required to maintain and look after the show organized. They also take care of the hair styles and dresses of the models that make an appearance on the ramp.


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