Careers to pursue with a fashion degree

Fashion is a humongous industry with massive exposure if you know how to play the game right. Of glam people and glossy photo shoots; fashion industry welcomes all who has a good sense of distaste.

With a good degree in hand from a coveted fashion technology college, you can land in a good place. Of course the hustle and struggle still happens to everyone but it is only after the storm that you come out strong. If you are thinking about the many careers that branch out from this industry, then take a look and find out-


Fashion journalism: If writing and great story ideas come naturally to you and float well with the seniors, then you can make a mark in the fashion journalism biz. A fashion journalist gets to attend big fashion events, ramp shows, press meetings with big designers in the industry and write about them. You not only make good contacts but also get to experience things like no other in the fashion industry.

Fashion communication and public relations: Can’t think of a fashion brand that doesn’t require a communications manager or PRO. To maintain the reputation, to balance out the image of a particular brand in the market, to brand the content in the market well- are the job roles of a fashion communications officer and public relations officer. A lot of communication is required in this job. See this if it interests you!

Fashion, shoe and jewelry designer: While people think fashion design just includes clothes, it is wrong. It is definitely more. There are accessories, jewellery and shoes where deisgners intricately design vivid ideas for the target audience. One must have an eye for aesthetic sense and must be well abreast with design skills. You can acquire skills and get nuanced from international institutes of fashion design like AAFT School of fashion that surpasses all levels of holistic exposure and brilliant opportunities for an aspirant!


Career guide for budding fashion designers

A career in fashion designing is perfect for somebody who has a penchant for latest fashion trends and clothing apparels. Fashion designing might be a challenging career path but if you are ready to fight all the odds, you are most likely to make a successful career in the fashion industry.

Truth to be told, there are no guarantees for success in the fashion world. Even if you are studying in one of the most prominent fashion designing colleges in the country, there are certain extra efforts that you have to put. Here are a few things that you must do as a budding fashion designer to reach the top of the league.


Start your own fashion blog: If you are currently doing a fashion designing course then you should start your own fashion blog as soon as possible. As a fashion designer you need a creative outlet to showcase your personal style statement to general public. Students can also take help from social media platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram to curate their ideas.

Study Major Fashion Brands: Liking a particular fashion brand is just not enough to get started. As an outsider you should thoroughly study the brand, follow their social media pages, and do every possible thing to get an internship. Find out who is leading the designs team and send a nice email to that person and if you are lucky, you may get the chance to work with them.

Collaborate with your classmates: Yes! Fashion industry is extra-competitive and every possible person is in the rat race to become first but why should we do something that every person is doing. Joining hands with your classmates is a good idea if you feel compatible with them on some creative level. You can collaborate your fashion ideas and come up with something riveting and new. This will set you apart from the general lot.

How to become a successful fashion merchandiser?

The glamorous world of fashion is a perfect career path for somebody who has a penchant for fabrics, designs, and textures. Most people think that a fashion career is hard to thread, which is true to some extent but not entirely. There are a plethora of career options in fashion world and fashion merchandising is also one of them.

A fashion merchandising career involves analyzing market trends, creation costs, and preceding sales numbers to find out the product direction that the producers will take each season. If the high-rise jean is going to eventually become the next big thing, a style merchandiser needs to be among the first in the marketplace to spot the style. In case you are not from fashion background but take interest in merchandising then you must consider doing a fashion designing course to brighten your career prospects.


Fashion merchandisers practically combine advertising and marketing, with creative talents. A style merchandiser is someone who is responsible for conceptualizing a fashion line suitable for the current season. A good fashion marketing professional has to be resourceful, creative, confident, innovative, and packed with new ideas. Students who are graduate from best fashion designing colleges in the country can take it as a career option.

In order to achieve success this field, a style merchandiser must have good judgment and should be prepared to take risks. Technically, a vocation in merchandising requires one to become versatile, adaptive and adaptable in the constantly changing world of fashion. They ought to know how to easily navigate the fashion business to make sure that they’ll be an asset to the company.

Skilled fashion merchandising professionals can handle evaluating the shifting needs of the people, new styles, and accordingly conceptualize superb promotional campaigns. A good merchandiser should know how to work in different conditions and maintain the popularity of a fashion brand among general public.

Different types of fashion degrees

The world of fashion has always been synonymous with designing of clothes and accessories. However, this understanding of the world of fashion is exceedingly diminutive in nature as there are various other branches in a fashion degree that can be pursued in order to have a successful career in the fashion industry. Listed below are the various fields that a course in fashion entails.


1) Fashion Design
As mentioned above the first and foremost branch of fashion that any individual can opt for in the field of design. This branch of fashion entails extensive training and course work in pattern drafting, trend analysis, clothing construction etc. After completion of this course from a school of fashion technology of your choice, an individual has the option of starting his own line or join some brand or designer.

2) Fashion marketing and Merchandising
Another branch of fashion that is of great importance in the world of fashion is fashion merchandising and marketing. This course equips the student in the skills for a career as a fashion merchandiser, account buyer and a fashion buyer. This particular program ensures that the students are well versed in business law, marketing, media and promotion and communications.

3) Photography
It might seem like a relatively less important branch of fashion in comparison to the above mentioned ones, but skilled photographers from a fashion institute of technology play an integral role in the fashion industry. Being responsible for documenting the latest trends in fashion for various magazines, newspapers, websites etc, fashion photographer are the direct link between the fashion industry and the rest of the world.  Apart from being a designer, being skilled with fashion photography is an added skill for the aspiring designers.

In order to kick start your career in the world of fashion take a look at the various institutes and colleges that offer great courses in all the above mentioned braches of fashion. One of the best institutes that you can consider getting yourself enrolled in is the AAFT School of Fashion and Design to get started on your journey towards success.

The basics of jewelry designing

Jewelry is an accessory that humans have used to adorn their bodies since ages. The first jewelry was most likely crafted from freely available raw materials, like bone and wood. With the discovery of treasurable metals, like gold and silver, ancient individuals began to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Even today, every jewelry piece has a story, designed by people who are famous as ‘jewelry designers’. They utilize techniques to design and execute jewelry designs.

The job of a jewelry designer is to first come up with jewelry design ideas. Then make them or get them made by professionals. They often create different types of jewelry, but some of them specialize in designing only certain types. For instance, a designer may only create necklaces or rings. Some designers will only design jewelry for certain events or individuals, like weddings or royalty. But learning jewelry designing is necessary to succeed. Jewelry design courses help students to do the same. During the design stage, jewelry designers typically put their ideas on paper.


Traditionally, they used paper and writing instruments, like pens and pencils. Today’s modern technology, however, makes it possible to easily create jewelry designs with computer software. Such programs feature an in-depth study of the history of jewelry, to give students an imaginative and historical context for authentic ideas.

After a jewelry design is completed, most jewelry designers will then make a prototype. Depending on the type of design, a jewelry designer might create a piece of jewelry using a couple different methods. Several fashion designing courses in Delhi are there to help students in becoming a successful fashion designer.

One of the best and most famous one is AAFT- School of Fashion. Here, they get a broad understanding of the jewelry industry through in-depth study of the creative process, jewelry styles, and the properties of metals and gems. Jewelry designers need to be artistic and comfortable working with their hands. It is true that one cannot just become a successful jewelry designer without studying the subject in detail.

Become a fashion designer for a living

In the past decade, India has developed tremendously in terms of style sense and fashion careers. With careers like stylists, fashion writers and fashion communications in the fray; fashion design still stands at the top! There are many global leading designers whose roots are Indian and it is only impressive to discover that.


As one grows up, many of them are stuck in the web of ambiguity regarding career. If you think you are keen on working in fashion design field, and are wondering about ‘how to become a fashion designer’, then read on to find out what does it entail and what the whole popularity is about! Let us take a look now-

•    What do fashion designers do: A fashion designer essentially design and produce original clothes, accessories and even footwear! They draw, source for fabrics and patterns and their own novelty designs to the world. One has to have an aesthetic or build on it to be able to sustain in the field. Moreover, keeping an eye on the trending things in the markets and ramp shows is one of the core jobs of the fashion designers.

•    How does one get through: It is ideal to apply to a renowned school of fashion technology like AAFT- School of fashion to learn the dynamics of this field and design great garments then!

•    Salary: Salary is quite impressive and highly depends on your quality of work. If your designs are eccentric and probably eclectic too, then your salary will be good too! Initially, everyone starts out at less but it sure gets better with time.

•    The work hours: Be prepared to work at erratic hours as it quite a demanding and challenging job. If you are up for it, then you are good to go!

How to start your very own fashion boutique?

Whenever I recollect the most cherished memories of my childhood, images of draping my mom’s sarees, sketching designs on my drawing book, and playing with clothes pop-up in my mind. Perusing a fashion career was just so natural to me.

As a fashion designer, I faced many challenges but all these obstacles only made me more enthusiastic about following my passion of designing clothes. One of the most challenging things in my career was opening my very own fashion boutique. I had no clue how to build my own brand in the competitive fashion industry and most of the things were hit and trial for me.

In the end, I came out with flying colors but some mistakes could have been avoided for sure. Here are some tips that you can use to open your very own fashion boutique.

You need to have a plan: A full-fledged formal plan is a dire necessity. Establish contacts with other fashion designers to take help. If you are a graduate from some of the best fashion technology colleges then it would be much easier to pitch some famous people in the fashion industry. Take cues from other’s success and mistakes to build your own fashion brand.


Specialization is the key: Compile the list of brands and apparels; you would like to keep in your boutique. Specialization is important to create your brand name in the marketplace. Students who have done interior design courses in Delhi and planning to open their own business can also apply this unique tip. To get more ideas, visit famous and well-established boutiques. You can also do an internship with some big fashion house.

Start your own website: It is a great idea to start your website first before physical opening your location. There are various online portals that can help you display your latest designs. This can be an online impromptu to figure out your future success. Be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.